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Happy Chinese New Year

   Happy Chinese New Year

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Happy Moon Festival

Happy Moon Festival

Happy Easter 2013


Easter is an important religious holiday and celebrated on the Sunday following the full moon after March 21st. It symbolizes the coming of spring.

There are many symbols of Easter.  For example, the story of the Easter Bunny was brought to the US by German settlers. Children believed that if they were good, the Easter Bunny would lay a nest of colored eggs near the house and brought them good luck. Besides, rabbits are known for producing a lot of young, especially in the springtime, they symbolize new life. Therefore, adults usually give away chocolate bunnies to children in the church activities.

A colorful Easter egg is another symbol. It means rebirth, new life, of men. Children painted eggs in beautiful colors. Then, the Easter egg hunt is the most popular activity with children. Adults hide the eggs and kids look for them. Prizes may be given to the child who find the most, the biggest, the smallest or the most of a certain color. White House Easter Egg Roll is also a famous annual event in the US. It is held on the White House lawn every Easter Monday for children and parents.

While owning a happy time, don’t forget Easter is a religious holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the end of Lent, a forty-day period fasting. That’s the true spirits of the holiday.

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